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Dive into a new world underwater

We offer training for scuba diving, freediving, first-aid training and a variety of seminars. At Premium Diving each student has at least one personal dive instructor to ensure you get the training you deserve.

Scuba divers diving in Silfra crack in Iceland

Diving Courses

Learn to dive without the hassle! No crowded classrooms, no stressed teachers and no old, dusty equipment. Our private courses are always organized just for you, with the best equipment and instructors!

Scuba diver with rebreather diving in clear lake

Personal Dive Training

Get your personal dive training and instructor now! Improve your skills, buoyancy or any other aspect of your diving with one-on-one training. Discover special areas that excite you and follow your own path!

Personal Training
Scuba divers diving in group of large sharks

Other Ideas?

If you have an idea for a course or diving experience but need or want your personal dive instructor, let us know! Deepen your knowledge of the underwater world or discuss the newest tech with the pros. We tailor your training to what interests you most.

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