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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions most of our clients have. If you don't find what you're looking for, ask us directly!

WNo! Scuba diving isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s very easy to learn and become good at with practice. It does, however, require your full attention at all times and is not a sport for the reckless!

We offer travel and trips to almost anywhere around the world. In some cases, availability is limited by seasonal variations, for example rain seaon or drought. No place is too strange and exotic that we wouldn't be able to arrange great diving and vacation there.

We will create your custom trip together with you and you simply tell us what you like. We offer guided diving and accompanied travelling, but we are also happy to arrange everything for you on your solo or family-trip. And if you change your mind at the last secon, don't worry, we can change the setup up to one week before the start of your trip.

We offer courses wherever you like! We pride ourselves on offering the best suba diving courses and you can receive our quality education at (almost) any dive spot in the world.

While you do need to know how to swim and be comfortable with being in the water, we actually do very little real swimming in scuba diving. Most of the time we basically float in the water, while our Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) and the air in our lungs keeps us from sinking. In order to move around, we use our fins, and not our arms, but you will learn all the necessary skills and techniques during your Open Water Diver course.

Good news first, many people who experience ear and nose problems from pressure differences may still go scuba diving! Most of the time, these issues arise from fear or forcing yourself to go deeper too fast. We will try our best to make you feel comfortable and at ease during the course so that you can enjoy scuba diving without equalisation problems. \n Before you can go diving, however, you do need to make sure you’re healthy to do so. Visit your doctor to check whether there are any complications that could prevent you from going scuba diving. Here you can find a checklist that you will have to sign before you go on your first dive. If you mark any of the questions with YES, you will need to bring THIS form, signed by your doctor, to make sure you got the clearance from them to go diving with us.

Yes, the certifications we give out to those who successfully pass the courses are accepted around the world. i.a.c. and CMAS are two of the oldest and most well known scuba diving organisations with very high standards. No matter what country or diving center you visit, you will have no problems renting equipment and going diving there. We promise.

Our HQ is located in Munich, Germany, but we also have a US based department. HOWEVER, we do not operate from a store or office building. Instead, we like to meet our clients at their home or any other place they choose. When you send us a message we arrange a meeting, have a coffee together and can talk about your plans and ideas concerning your diving experience.

After we received your message and know what exactly you are looking for, we create your custom trip and send you a quote. As all our diving experiences are unique there is no fixed answer as to cost. A day with a private dive instructor including diving around Munich starts at around 1200€ plus expenses.

Our primary languages are English, German and Spanish. We can also arrange courses etc. in many other languages, just let us know!